It started as a rather ordinary rough pencil sketch. But I added a bit watercolour…. Well, poor unhappy Erik. :(

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7, 17, 20, 34, 19, 55, 87, 90, 100 (I just picked random numbers) :)
7. Do you have any pets?

I own a Jenday conure named Chunky. He’s the cutest thing on the planet. We’ve also got a dog, a budgie, a fish, an iguana, a bearded dragon, and a cockatoo, but those aren’t exclusively mine, per se. It’s a full house, I know — especially with eight additional human occupants.

17. Who would be your ideal partner?

Can I choose the one I have now?

19. Do you want a church wedding?

I want a Victorian wedding.

20. Are you religious?


34. Have you ever fired a gun?

I have; my dad was big on hunting. It’s — not for me.

55. Most used phrase?

'That's brilliant, that is.'

87. Do you keep a journal?

I keep a dream journal, but not a normal one.

90. What makes you angry?

Oi, a lot of things. Willful ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, cruelty, intolerance, rudeness —- along with basically any sounds associated with eating and drinking.

100. Color of your room?


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» Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well


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How do you feel about lack of The Persian in the musical ?
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christine hate

raoul hate

erik hate

realising that fictional characters are just that and should not hold such dominion over you that you allow them to anger you to the point of posting offensive content

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 Thomas Schulze and Maike Switzer - Final Lair

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"And the voice, the voice which I had recognized under the mask, was on its knees before me, was a man! And I began to cry. The man, still kneeling, must have understood the cause of my tears, for he said, ‘It is true, Christine! I am not an Angel, nor a genius, nor a ghost. I am Erik!’”

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» Why The Phantom’s music is special


It’s late, no better time for some music theory ramblings.

One of the things that I hear or see a lot is Phans asking something along the lines of “what is with the Don Juan triumphant music” or “what is Piangi getting wrong in the rehearsal?”  Well, gather round kids and I’ll explain.

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» Chubby Christine Headcanon

Christine turns to baking when she’s upset, and, therefore, attempts to coerce Erik into baking with her upon the occasion of one of his ‘down days.’ He gives in, but refuses to change out of his suit despite her insisting; she decides to prove her point by flicking him with flour. He responds in kind, and, soon after, the two of them are peppered with flour and laughing, while she coats her face with the stuff and proclaims: “Look! I’m you!”

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