Jeremy Secomb and Harriet Jones
The Phantom of the Opera
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The title song from today’s matinee. Needless to say I was surrounded by very confused tourists. It was definitely an experience I’m never going to forget. I felt so bad, especially for Jeremy who sang all of his bits despite his mic not being turned up until ‘In all your fantasies’, but all I could do was laugh.

I didn’t do touch my phone or anything, this is exactly how it sounded in the theatre. 

The Phantom of the Opera - Jeremy Secomb and Harriet Jones, 21st August 2014 Matinee

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I’m sorry.

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i really like chiaroscuro ok im sORRY


[[Hello, friends! After what has already been nearly weeks of inactivity, I’ve decided it’s probably time to put this blog on hiatus. I have to focus on work and school, but once I get into the swing of it, I’ll be back full-time. I’ll still be posting and reblogging, but all asks and roleplay threads will be on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. Thank you for your patience!]]

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Person: Scale of 1-10 how dramatic are you?
Me: Phantom of the Opera overture
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» Send me a ☁ for a voice recording and tell what you want me to say
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it was a simple question of why. here's something i will say, i had someone worship me the way you do and i felt the same in return. Till it became too much. not used to someone thinking that way in deepness. couldn't handle anymore it's why i asked a simple question. ask this to yourself, do they have feelings as strongly and deeply as you do? becareful not to be hurt

The enchanting thing about the human experience is that it varies from person to person. 

Am I absolutely certain she feels exactly the same? No. How could I be? I’m not her, and she isn’t me. That is why I do not need to be. If certainty were a required factor in love, nobody would ever find it.

I can’t spend my time cowering in the corner because it may turn out that I eventually will be hurt; if I do that, I may miss out on one of the most wonderful experiences the world has to offer.

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why do you put the person you call ange on a pedestal?

What a bitter, extraordinarily-timed question. 

I don’t put her on a pedestal; I was excited because I was going to be meeting her for the first time this weekend. Pardon my exuberance; I’ll try to keep joy out of my dealings with my fellow Tumblr users from now on. 

Have you ever been in love, anon? Have you been loved? It’s a strange phenomenon, I’ll admit; it’s not that you put your beloved on a pedestal — you simply don’t care what their flaws are. Everyone is human. I am, you are, and she is. We all have flaws and we all should have people who are willing to overlook them; nobody is without their own hang-ups and drawbacks. The difference is, when you love someone, you are meant to do so nearly unconditionally.

At least, that’s the way it is for me. I love her, and I will treat her as such. She deserves the world, and I intend to do my very best to give it to her. If I can’t, I would be happy just knowing that she found someone who can. It’s what she deserves. 

Even if I were to put her on a pedestal, why do you care? Is it so intrusive in your life that you cannot bear to struggle on without sending me vitriolic messages? Love is a pedestal of its own, I suppose. If treating her like the wonderful human being she is can be considered ‘putting her on a pedestal,’ so be it. I refuse to treat her any less like the angel she is simply because an anonymous Tumblr user disapproves. It frightens me, however, to consider how you must treat your own loved ones if the affection with which I regard her bothers you so. 

In any case — no, I don’t think I put her on a pedestal. I merely try to get her to understand just how worthy of love and happiness she is. I may or may not be successful in that, and I certainly do not deserve the chance, but I will try regardless. As a friend of mine worded it, I prefer her flaws to others’ virtues.

Hopefully one day you’ll find someone who brings you transcendental happiness, so that nobody else will have to find such sourness in their inbox.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a pedestal to set up.

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